Making art is a tactile exploration for me. I love the feel of working with the materials, and I use my hands more than I use a brush or other type tool. I am fascinated by putting seemingly incompatible materials together just to see if I can get them to cooperate with each other. Sometimes there are wonderful things that happen. Sometimes it gets a little scary, like the time I unwittingly made mustard gas.

The physical nature of my work connects to my years of house building when I experimented with different materials. I explored working with concrete, plaster, wood, glass, and chemical finishes. Most of these have found their way into my artwork, and even if the material isn’t there, the experience of having worked with it is. I am definitely into mixing my media, and building on that.

The inspiration for my work comes from my time spent as a Hospice volunteer when I worked with people close to death who allowed me to share with them a profound experience of grace and peace. I am completely fascinated by the strength and will of the human spirit and that magnificent place of glory that lives within each of us.

My artistic technique uses an archival fresco/plaster hybrid that I have developed over many years. The materials I use to create my colors are acrylic, metal finishes, iron fillings, watercolors and oils. These are applied in a layering fashion with some pieces having more than twenty layers of paint or chemical finishes. All chemical processes are neutralized when I am finished, and the work is sealed to protect it. The work is mounted on wood panel that is box mounted on furniture grade birch plywood.